Imagine the cabinet,
with FAST-ONE you realize it

FAST-ONE™ is a Windows environment packet aimed at designers, switchgear operators and installers. This software allows you to fully set up electrical cabinets, bills of materials and to calculate the respective costs.

FAST-ONE™ solution changes your way of working cleverly.

The easy, quick, efficient configurator accelerates the production phases, optimizes verifications eliminating automatically the errors. It reduces costs and time, it makes the design phase more fluid, it simplifies the manufacturing, the assembly and the installation of your projects. Today you can order the products in ready delivery. Universal and modular, maximum freedom without useless restrictions.

FAST-ONE™. Studied and created with you and for you.

  • a simple program affordable for all
  • imagine the cabinet, with FAST-ONE you realize it
  • automatic correction of errors
  • products in stock in ready delivery
  • free software downloading
  • always updated, always at your side